Instructions for Invisalign®

  • Do not eat with your Invisalign® aligners otherwise, you can crack and split the aligners.
  • Drinking water and lukewarm beverages with your aligners is acceptable.
  • Remember to brush and floss your teeth after eating and before inserting your aligners.
  • When seating your aligners, do not bite down into place but firmly press down with your fingers first.
  • Always keep your aligners clean by brushing them lightly with your toothbrush daily and soaking them in denture cleaning solution weekly.
  • Also, when not in use, keep your aligners in the container given.
  • Do NOT wrap aligners in tissue or put them in your pocket without putting them in the container.
  • If you lose your aligners, call the office and advise the doctor of the situation.
  • If it is during the weekend and you can not reach the doctor, please wear the previous set of aligners until you can speak with the doctor.