Preventive & Diagnostic Dentistry

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Maintaining oral health includes good home care and regular visits to our office for preventive care, which includes oral examinations and cleanings. Comprehensive examinations of the mouth, teeth, surrounding gum tissues, and supporting bone structures help with early detection and treatment of problematic conditions.

Dental Cleanings (aka Prophylaxis)

Dental cleaning involves the removal of plaque, calculus (aka tartar) and stains. Regular hygiene visits are key to healthy teeth and gums. We want you to maintain and protect your beautiful smile. Most patients are recommended to return every six months for routine check-ups and cleanings, but there are many who need more frequent visits in order to maintain their periodontal condition. We will advise you on the proper maintenance schedule that is appropriate for you.

Oral Hygiene Evaluation

During your cleaning visits, an assessment of the condition of  your gums will be made. Certain data, including the color, firmness, amount of bleeding, amount of gum detachment and bone loss will be collected. Based on this information, your periodontal condition will be determined and we can recommend an appropriate homecare regimen and frequency of your hygiene visits.

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

A comprehensive examination of the hard and soft tissues is performed at your visits to determine the overall health of your mouth. We want to be able to advise you regarding any issues which need attention. It is our intention to prevent you from developing any serious problems and needing costly treatments.

Digital Radiographs

Dental radiographs are essential in detecting conditions which are not visible to the naked eyes. For instance, through x-rays, we can determine if you have gum disease involving bone loss. We can also detect decays, infections, cysts, tumors, supernumerary teeth, poorly positioned wisdom teeth and poor restorations. Digital x-ray technology has reduced radiation by more than 50%, while producing instant and high quality images.

Oral Cancer Screening

At every hygiene appointment, Dr. Youn will palpate and visually look for anything which may be unusual (i.e. – bumps or lumps) and observe the overall color of your mouth. If there is anything suspicious, Dr. Youn will recommend the appropriate action.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which is present in our water sources, including the oceans. Enamel is the hardest layer of the tooth, but when enamel is exposed to acids, tooth decay occurs. Fluoride is important in preventing decay by replacing lost calcium and phosphorous in our enamel. Fluoride in toothpaste is usually sufficient to prevent decay from occurring, but some children and adults may need an extra treatment of fluoride supplement in the dentist office.